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Microtest Laboratories has changed names, but we still offer the dependable services that you trust, including:

Microbial identification using MicroSEQ®ID and Vitek®MS (MALDI-TOF)
Bioburden / sterility / endotoxin
Bacterial filter retention studies
Disinfectant efficacy qualifications
Antimicrobial effectiveness testing
Assay / impurities
Compendia / raw material release testing
Water system testing (TOC, Conductivity and nitrates)
Environmental cleanroom services


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Services in our Agawam, MA Facility Include:

Analytical Chemistry Testing Services

Each testing solution fully satisfies all applicable USP, EP, ISO, BP, AOAC, and AAMI/JP requirements.
ISO residuals
USP water testing
USP wet chemistry
Leachates - GC/MS
Cleaning studies
Vial integrity - Validated method
Product assay

Medical Device Testing Services

Gamma/ethylene oxide (EO) sterilization validation
•    Bioburden
•    Bioburden recovery
•    Bacteriostasis/fungistasis
•    Sterility
•    EO residuals
•    Spore strip population
•    FDA/USP gel clot
•    Chromogenic
•    Turbidimetric
•    USP
•    Product immersion
•    Product flush
•    Biological indicator
•    Membrane filtration
•    Microbial ID with Microseq® and Vitek®MS (MALDI-TOF)
Related services
•    Biocompatibility/toxicology
•    Environmental monitoring
•    Medical Device Package Testing - stability and validation
•    Bacterial & fungal identification services

Pharmaceutical Testing Services

Disinfectant Testing and Validation Services

Clean Room Validation
and Testing Services

ISO certification and clean room validation
o    Clean rooms
o    Laminar flow hoods
o    Biological safety cabinets
o    Compounding aseptic isolators
o    Fume hoods

HEPA filter repair or replacement – Order, Deliver and Install for all controlled environments:
o    Clean rooms
o    Laminar flow hoods
o    Biological safety cabinets
o    Compounding aseptic isolators
o    Fume hoods

Viable and nonviable sampling
o    Testing for ISO 14698, USP <1116> and USP <797>
o    MicroSEQ®ID (rapid 16S rDNA sequencing) and Vitek®MS (MALDI-TOF)
o    Surface testing and analysis via the RODAC or swab methods
o    Active air sampling using state-of-the-art PBI samplers
o    Passive air sampling utilizing settling plates

Nonviable Air Particulate Sampling
o    Testing under ISO 14644 guidelines, the EU Annex, or both
o    Utilizing Met-One laser particle counters as well as Biotest airborne particle counters with the capability to sample a full cubic meter of air in only 10 minutes

Disinfectant Testing
Gowning Validation
Microbial Identification using MicroSEQ®ID (rapid 16S rDNA sequencing) and Vitek®MS (MALDI-TOF)

Compressed air/gas testing
o    Nonviable air particulate testing
o    Viable compressed air testing
o    Evaluating for presence of 1) Aerobic, anaerobic, and fungal (yeast & mold) organisms and 2) Hydrocarbons and water vapors